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In the 1970’s Expandi developed the self inflatable oil containment boom. This was one of the very first of its type, and Expandi is one the early pioneers in this field.

Since that time, the Expandi self inflatable oil containement boom has outsold all other single oil boom types worldwide. More than 800,000 meters of boom are in service today.

Expandi has also designed special equipment to further enhance the performance of the self inflatable boom, such as the Roto Pac, the Sea Sledge, the lifting slings and the Cleaning machine. This equipment has maintained the Expandi boom as the leader in its field.

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As pioneers of the design and manufacturing of oil containment booms, we can provide any type
and any size of oil containment boom, such as self-inflating oil boom, single point inflatable oil
boom, inflatable oil boom, fence boom, cylindrical boom, shore sealing booms, permanent booms.
Besides we can customize most of our booms.

We are concern about the right use of our oil containment booms. Therefore, we have designed
along these 60 years, our own range of boom reels, hydraulic power packs, air blowers, tidal
compensators and many more equipment. We are experts placing and delivering all the equipment
into containers, please let us know your needs and we shall prepare a compact system.

The lack of space is a problem when dealing with oil spills. Our full range of floating tanks, frame tanks or self-raised tanks will help you to temporally storage the recovered product. We can customize the sizes of the tanks. Let us know your needs as many other accessories would help you during the use of the equipment.

Once an oil spill is confined is time to recover the oil spilled. Use our range of weir skimmers, or multi skimmers which can be fitted with different cassettes -brush, discs and drum-. Our multi
skimmers can be driven by hydraulic or pneumatical motors. If you have an industrial area, where oil have to be transferred let us know your needs to propose you a solution.

Deploying booms may be a challenge, as some factors like currents, winds or waves may difficult the deploying of the booms. Having the right boats, is essential to assure the deployment of the booms. Our aluminium boats are durable and powerful. Let us know your needs and we shall offer the boat you need.

When small spills happen, in any factory or in any environment, using sorbents is a clean solution.
Our full range of sorbents with different formats -pads, rolls, tubes, pillows, booms- are made with different fibres. Think about our sorbent booms as the right, easiest, cheapest solution to make face any oil spill on water.

Chemical dispersion can reduce the response time, reducing the movement of an oil spill. Use this
solution as the latest option you have, because dispersant don’t clean just hide the oil spill. If you need any accessory to apply dispersants let us know as we can provide dispersant applying systems for being fitted on board.


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