Dispersant Sprayer expandi systems

Dispersant Sprayer

Lightweight aluminium spray arms. Floating paravane system for a spray width up to 20 m.

Ship based dispersant spray system is a portable and light weight equipment that can be easily mounted on any kind of pollution control craft. It can work with dilute or neat dispersant.

The dispersant spray system consists of:
One pumping unit comprising: a positive displacement pump driven by an air-cooled diesel engine, relief valve, interconnecting pipework, one water inlet, one neat dispersant inlet and two outlets fitted with shut
off valves. All inlet and outlets are fitted with camlock quick connectors. The pumping unit is mounted on a corrosion resistant frame.

Two corrosion resistant spray arms with nozzles giving a flat, uniform spray of droplets, not a fog or mist. Each arm is supported by a post and fitted with nozzles. Additionally, hand lances and two nozzle system can also be supplied.

Expandi ship based dispersant system can also be used with the Paravane. It is an easy and efficient way to quickly create a wide spray pattern for Oil Spill Dispersant. The system consists of a paravane, a diesel driven oil dispersant pump, a hose system with nozzles and ropes and shackles for attaching the hose system with nozzle to the Paravane.