Fast Current System expandi systems

Fast Current System

Dynamic oil spill recovery system. Can operate with current speed up to 4 knots. Fitted with guide booms for a large V shape configuration.

EXPANDI Fast Current Boom System is an advanced V configured system that can contain, store and recover the spilled oil at speed up to 4 knots.

The system consists of:
Two guide boom arms of desired length with different diameters; they create a V configuration in the system that drives the spilled oil from its entrance towards its apex, making a funnel. The guide booms have internal buoyancy chambers, and a skirt which is gradually getting shallower when approaching the collection tank. This geometry gives high buoyancy minimizing the turbulences generated around the skirt and the pulling force required for towing equipment.

An integrated storage tank (closed bag or open barge), placed at the apex of the guide booms, acts as an oil/water separator. It separates the spilled oil from the water by leading the water out of the tank through an opening at the bottom while storing the separated oil. The closed bag version is fitted with an inbuilt skimmer to ease the extraction of the collected oil while the open barge system can work with an independent pump or skimmer.