Floating Tank expandi systems

Floating Tank

High storage capacity, low volume when not in use. Constructed from strong and flexible fabrics with air filled or closed cell foam floats. High towing speed.

Expandi Floating Tanks are high quality, durable and towable tanks designed to store and transport recovered oil. These tanks provide the best solution for the lack of storing volume on vessels during any oil
spill operation.

The floating tanks can be made of PVC, PU or Rubber coated polyester fabric.

The tanks are easy to tow, having air or foam filled floatation elements, fitted with several Camlock couplings on top of them to facilitate the transfer of products. A floating anchor is also supplied to provide
stability to the towing operation.

The tanks are available in different sizes and capacities and can be tailor-made to suit the customer’s requirement. These tanks can be delivered in shipping bags, boxes, crates, containers or rolled onto reels.

Models available from 5 m3 to 250 m3 capacity.