Frame Tank expandi systems

Frame Tank

Constructed from strong and flexible fabrics. Lightweight aluminium frame. Easy to assemble without tools.

The Frame Tanks are a good solution for on-site, temporary storage during spill response or emergency operations. Oily water, hydrocarbons, sewage or material containing rags, sorbents, etc. can be stored prior to final disposal. These tanks are made of PVC or PU coated polyester fabric; the outer support is made of aluminium.

The main features are:
• Folded design for easy transportation
• Compact storage.
• Fast and easy assembly without any need of tools.

A wide range of optional accessories are available: drain valves, loading/offloading valves, top offloading elbow, detachable tarpaulin roof and anti-abrasion mat.

Models available from 5 m3 to 50 m3