Inflatable Boom expandi systems

Inflatable Boom

High buoyancy and excellent wave response. Constructed from strong and flexible fabrics. Independent buoyancy chambers. Internal replaceable floats as an option.

EXPANDI Air Inflatable Oil Booms are heavy duty oil booms, inflated section by section, by means of an air blower. As standard, a minimum distance of 6 m is required from the reel to the edge of the harbour jetty or to the stern of the vessel for placing the air chamber which has to be inflated.

Each section includes separated buoyancy chambers. The inflatable booms can also be delivered with replaceable air chambers.

The strong oil resistant fabrics enable the boom to withstand challenging wave, wind and current conditions.

The booms can be tailor-made with different fabrics, sizes and connectors as per customer’s requirement.

Models are available from 400 mm to 2800 mm as total height when inflated.