Lifting slings expandi systems

Lifting slings

Ready for inmediate response. Reaching distant and critical areas efficiently. When an oil spill occurs, response time is crucial to minimize the damage caused by the spill.

The Expandi Crane Sling and the Helicopter Sling provides significant flexibility, efficiency and cost savings as sections of our Expandi Self-Inflatable Oil Boom may be moved quickly and be deployed without any boom reel, power pack or any other auxiliary equipment.

This way the user with a helicopter can reach remote, distant and critical areas very quickly and efficiently.

The Expandi Self-Inflating Oil Boom is designed with sufficient positive buoyancy – even with no air in the air chambers, a boom bale can be dropped in water. The lifting slings are provided with an easy-to-use release hook which leaves the boom roll floating on water ready to use. After that, 1-2 men in a small boat can deploy the boom section just by pulling out the towing rope of the boom bale.