Multi skimmer expandi systems

Multi skimmer

High oil recovery rate with low water content. Interchangeable recovery modules: brush, drum or discs. Integral or separate transfer pump.

Multi-Skimmer is a combination of three different types of cassettes i.e. drum, discs and brush. These cassettes are interchangeable, and it allows you to recover a wider range of viscosities as you switch between different recovery principles. Drum and discs are used for spills of light to medium viscosity oils while the brush is used for medium to high
viscosity oils.

Optional auxiliary equipment includes:
• Aluminium top cover for the cassettes.
• Water steam injection in suction and/or delivery.
• Water steam rail with injectors aiming at the cassettes to reduce the viscosity of the cargo.
• Protection grid to keep debris out of the cassettes.
• Onboard thrusters to move the skimmer towards the slick.

Models available from 5 m3/h to 200 m3/h capacity.