Permanent Boom expandi systems

Permanent Boom

Ideal for long-term deployment. Long life service with minimum maintenance. No inflation needed. Hard floats filled with closed cell foam.

The Permanent Boom has significantly greater durability than conventional oil booms during long term deployment. The boom can withstand rough handling and operation over sharp quay fronts and rusty ship hulls. The boom can be deployed all year round, even being completely icebound is no problem. This boom is an excellent choice in environment where welding work is being performed and where sparks can occur.

The floats are high density fully enclosed polyethylene shells/floats.
Floats are completely filled with closed cell foam and are fully sealed to increase effectiveness and the life span of the float. All edges of the float are rounded to prevent the floats from gouging the barrier fabric during flexing of the boom, allowing the fabric to handle the stress of flexing with minimum wear.

Standard colours are orange or black floats on black or orange fabric. The boom can be tailor-made in different fabrics.

Models are available from 400 to 1000 mm as total height.