Rapid Boom expandi systems

Rapid Boom

Reliable and economic self-inflating oil boom. Rapid deployment with no ancillary equipment required. Compact storage; in bags, crates or containers.

The first few minutes following the accident in any oil pollution are vital and that´s why the compact and lightweight EXPANDI Self Inflating Rapid Boom has been proven effective. It is one of the most rapid, compact and easy-to-handle oil boom systems available. Its rapid response means substantial money savings.

It is always ready for immediate deployment. In packed condition, it requires very little space. With no need for power pack, air compressor or other auxiliary equipment, this system guarantees reliable performance.

The boom is inflated automatically as it is pulled into the water. The floatation chambers keep the stability and shape through semi-rigid lightweight hoops integrated in the boom wall . The hoops are evenly distributed along the boom.

The sections are divided into separated airtight compartments.
Each air compartment contains airtight bladders or air-traps for reserve buoyancy in case of damage.

Each air chamber is fitted with a 2-position valve; inflation & deflation. When the boom is deployed, all the valves are in the inflation position; the air comes into the boom but no air goes out. . When the boom is recovered, the valves must be turned to the deflation position to bleed the air from the buoyancy chambers.

Models are available from 500 mm to 1200 mm as total height.