Roto Pac expandi system

Roto Pac

Light-weight, compact and easy to use.

Rolled up booms can easily be removed; One Rotopac is enough for rolling up endless length of booms.

The Roto Pac system is a reel system specifically designed to be used with the EXPANDI Self-Inflating Oil Boom.

The Roto Pac boom deployment and retrieval device incorporates flexibility, mobility and requires minimal manpower. This extremely compact and easy to handle reel can be operated from an offshore platform, the deck of a vessel, a pier, or the shore.

Deployment is done only using the Roto Cassette, which does not require any additional machinery or power supply. Besides, any personnel even with no training can operate the reel system if necessary.

The complete Roto Pac is assembled by two people, without using any tool, in less than 5 minutes.

The EXPANDI Roto Pac is made in marine grade aluminium and is available with electric or hydraulic motor.