Sea-Sledge expandi systems


An excellent solution to reach the spill site. Can be towed up to 30 knots. Can be fitted with an inboard engine.

The EXPANDI Sea-Sledge is an excellent solution to reach the spill site and quickly deploy all kinds of oil spill response equipment.

Two rolls of 250 meters of EXPANDI booms can be interconnected aboard an aluminium hull that can be towed up to 30 knots. An automatic release device allows the deployment of 500 m of booms without any need of power supply and without the assistance of crew members.

The Sea-Sledge systems can be manufactured tailored to the needs of our customers with all the necessary equipment to deal with an oil spill. 

Once the boom is deployed, the system can be used for transporting equipment, personnel or collected oil during an oil spill scenario by skimmers or suction pumps.

An inboard motor engine can be fitted making the sea-sledge a robust and versatile working boat.