Self Raising Tank expandi systems

Self Raising Tank

Constructed from strong and flexible fabrics. Easy to set-up.

The Self-Raising Tank is lightweight, foldable and portable with high durability. It can be used as temporary storage unit for oily water,
sewage or hydrocarbons prior to the final waste management.

The height of the Self-Raising Tank adjusts using the floating top ring.
The tank is made in PVC or PU coated polyester resistant to sun light, sea water and hydrocarbons.

Different sizes of ball valves can be installed to match a variety of hoses. Custom reflective labels can be applied for ownership identification or content warnings. The tanks come with tarpaulin attachment connectors
and positioning web handles and can be inverted for decontamination.

Models available from 2 m3 to 30 m3 capacity.