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Our service department will teach your staff the characteristics of all the equipment delivered.
They will explain how they work, how they are operated and how both preventive and corrective maintenance can be carried out.
It is very interesting that your staff is instructed by our team.


Carrying out cleaning and maintenance works on the equipment is vital to extend the useful life of all the equipment. Sometimes executing these tasks is not as easy as desired. Contact us to help you, since we can study to carry out preventive or corrective maintenance in your facilities or in ours.


When an oil spill occurs, there is always a lack of qualified personnel in the correct use of the equipment. In those moments when it is required to correctly apply all the knowledge so that the equipment is used efficiently during an intervention. We can help you by integrating our staff into your team.


No one knows when the equipment will need to be used in a real intervetion. Having the right training is vital to minimize the reaction time. Keep in mind that a quick response will minimize the final economic costs of the intervention. We can attend your training days advising or refreshing the knowledge of your staff in the use of the equipment.

Expandi offers a variety of personalized services. Our commercial department will propose the best option that fits your needs. Remember that by keeping the equipment in perfect condition and having trained personnel during the duration of an operation, the economic and environmental impact will be minimized.

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Start up

Over the years we have developed a lot of equipment, some of it custom. It is very important to us that our clients understand and know how to use any equipment.

We strongly recommend our customers to complement the purchase of our equipment with a training session in which our technicians will explain all the technical aspects of the integrated equipment.