Shore Sealing Boom expandi systems

Shore Sealing Boom

Ideal for intertidal areas. Water filled twin ballast tubes for a constant seal between the land and the water.

Shore-Sealing Booms are deployed in inter-tidal areas or riverbanks where water level is expected to fluctuate and where it is necessary to ensure a seal is maintained at the waterline as the water level rises and falls.

Shore-Sealing Booms operate by using twin water-filled ballast chambers
at the bottom and an air-filled floatation chamber at the top which adjust
automatically to changing water levels.

Shore-Sealing Booms are most effective when used in muddy or sandy areas.

Proper care must be taken before deploying on sites with boulders, sharp
protrusions, riprap, or other challenges that may damage the boom.
The boom can be tailor-made in different fabrics.

Models are available from 400 mm to 800 mm as total height.