skirted sorbent boom expandi systems

Sorbent Skirted Boom

The skirt stops the oil from escaping under the boom. The sorbent skirted booms can complement or even substitute for conventional oil containment booms in some cases.

The Expandi Sorbent skirted boom is an excellent solution for responding to smaller spills. It contains and absorbs the spill. The skirt stops the oil from escaping under the sorbent boom. The effective quick couplings allow rapid connection of sections to achieve the desired lengths.

The sorbent material, natural or synthetic fibre, is extremely water repelling while it absorbs oil containing fluids effectively. The products are inexpensive and can be considered as disposable. Time consuming, costly and unpleasant cleaning is not required.

The sorbent skirted boom is fitted with two tension members (top, central) and a ballast chain that hold all the forces due to wind, waves and currents when it is deployed on water.

The booms are equipped with reflective strips SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) to enhance visibility of the sorbent booms during night-time, or low-light conditions when illuminated by a spotlight or other light source.

Booms are delivered in large, durable bags with four lifting points for easy handling. The bags are designed for temporary disposal of used sorbent booms.