Weir skimmer expandi systems

Weir skimmer

High fluid recovery rate. Integral or separate transfer pump. External floats for a good wave response.

The Weir skimmer is a very rugged oil skimmer with a structure made of aluminium or stainless steel. A simple floating weir guides the top layer of fluid (floating oil on water) into a hopper from which it is transferred by a pump.

Generally, this type of skimmer takes more water when compared to brush, drum, or disc skimmers.

In spite of this, the weir skimmer is the most widely used when operating with high volume and thick oil spills. This is due to the simple design, low cost and fast recovery.

Smaller models are operated with external pump while the larger skimmers have in-built pump, and may also be fitted with onboard thrusters to move the skimmer towards the slick.

Models available from 10 m3/h to 200 m3/h capacity.